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iPhone XS Max – 6 Months Later

iPhone XS Max – 6 Months Later hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and iPhone XS Max has been out for six months and I’ve been using it as my main phone every day and so I wanted to go over some of the issues that I’ve had with it or how its held up now first thing you may notice right away is that I don’t use a screen protector you’ll see there’s nothing on there I also don’t use a case normally now some people might say that’s crazy with a phone that expensive but that’s really what Apple care is about for me so I do pay for Apple care on here if I do crack it it’s not very expensive to replace and iPhone XS Max – 6 Months Later

iPhone XS Max – 6 Months Later

iPhone XS Max - 6 Months Later
iPhone XS Max – 6 Months Later

I prefer the feel of the phone now as far as the screen holding up it does have some light scratches on it and the reason I’m outside actually so you can hopefully see some of those scratches because in this very bright light is where you can see them if you’re indoors you cannot see them at all there’s some very very light scratches in here and really down it around here and around the bottom otherwise you cannot see them at all now as far as the back is concerned because it’s got the white back you really can’t see any scratches whatsoever and there’s no scratches at all around the lens or on the lens so it seems to be holding up really well as far as that goes now the stainless steel is where it’s going to scratch the most so if we look around there you’ll see that in this bright sunlight it does have some scuffs and scratches on it now you could polish this out since it is stainless steel but overall it’s holding up pretty well and this is just from normal used it’s kind of like an old iPod so you could use some toothpaste even to polish this out and maybe

I’ll do a video on that and see if we can get some of these scratches out so you’ll see it is fairly heavily scratched but you can’t see this in normal light you actually have to have some light to see this you really won’t see it unless you’re and I’m very very bright or well-lit environment so it looks pretty good overall as far as its durability there’s no dents or anything and I haven’t dropped it at all either then later that day I dropped my phone for the very first time unfortunately it rolled down a hill and into water when I was taking a photo for my iOS 12.2 beta 6 video and as you might have guessed there’s the iPhone but

I’ll show you exactly what happened at the end of the video around the 6 minute mark let’s go ahead and unlock it and face unlock seems to be getting better it seems to be faster than it was in Prior updates and everything this is actually running iOS 12.2 it’s got beta 5 on it right now by the time you’re watching this beta 6 could be how or the final could be out but either way it’s been improved it seems to be holding up well and in doing all of those betas and all the different videos this actually has really good battery life I’m getting about eight to nine hours of screen on time and the battery durability is quite good and some people say you don’t use your phone a lot I actually do use it quite a bit you’ll see the battery health is a hundred percent I think I’ve got about a hundred cycles on the battery at this point and overall it’s holding up well now as far as durability over time someone was asking me does this phone creak if I twist it ever so slightly not really there might be a slight creak from time to time but not really you won’t really get that creak like you do with some of the older iPhones maybe the iPhone eight or seven I think in particular is where the Creek was that was an aluminium backed foam this is actually stainless steel so it’s a little more rigid and I don’t think it’s going to have that issue now as far as the speakers are concerned sometimes they do crack overtime and they don’t really sound clear they have a little crackling sound this particular device doesn’t have that issue so thankfully I have no issues with the speakers here or here they neither of them have any issues and they sound just as good as they did

when I first got the phone so everything seems to be holding up well as far as durability goes now the camera is something that continues to impress in fact I am recording this right now with an iPhone XR but it’s basically the same video camera that we have here it’s super fast and as long as you have the right light it looks just as good as any of the professional cameras out there only a trained eye will be able to tell the difference and in fact this is going to look a little bit sharper than most because it does over sharpen and it brightens in in darkens areas in real time so that’s why this looks so good it’s because it’s doing all of this work now right here you might see its blown out a little bit that’s the difference between this and a Cinema Camera so it looks pretty good overall in the photos from it I continue to use in my videos and the video from it as well so I have really really high expectations even for the neck immersion because this cameras phenomenal so I can’t wait to see what they do next one issue that continually plagues this device though is LTE issues and you’ll see here I have two bars of t-mobile and while that’s usually not a problem normally my LTE issues are more along the lines of things not loading maybe I’ll go to Twitter and try and load an image from a wallpaper or maybe I’ll go to a different website it won’t load then I’ll have to go here turn on airplane mode turn it back off and everything will reconnect I have the same issue when it’s on Wi-Fi sometimes not so much with that more so with LTE but a lot of people have said they’ve had the same issues and that continues to be an issue and hopefully Apple will fix that in the future and finally the software actually software’s pretty stable I haven’t had any issues with it whatsoever I haven’t had any crashes recently or anything and it’s been really good especially with the newer updates apps are opening nice and fast if I want to switch between apps I can do that no problem maybe go to going to Twitter and see it loads okay sometimes this app in particular loads a little bit slow that loads fast most of the time things like the App Store seem to work fine for me and everything’s nice and smooth so I really have no issues and I definitely recommend it six months and of course we’re going to see iOS 13 on this or

whatever the next version is going to be called and that will be supported on this device and probably a this device will support years and years of updates just like they do with the iPhone 5s so hopefully this will last for years I think it will durability wise and if you have Apple care on it you have nothing to worry about of course we will see new hardware probably around September and it will make this one a year older and a little bit cheaper and you still can get deals on this or the XR or different devices as well so here is where I actually drop my phone now I wanted to show you this perspective to give you an idea of how far it is so from the top of this right here all the way down into the water over there let me show you what I mean so the photo that I took was right on this corner here I had it sitting on top of an iPad and then the phone was right here so you could actually see it with some Knights depth-of-field behind it right in here now this is the drop it fell off of here after the wind blew and knocked it down it fell off of here rolled down there picked up some speed and went right into the water now we’re down toward the water and you’ll see it’s kind of a cliff down here so it came off the end and tumbled right into the water right down in there so I had to get down in there and the water is only a couple feet deep there but you have to get down there and to give you an idea it fell from way up there so it did pretty well considering it when all of this distance picked up speed and then fell right into the water now after all of that my phone works just fine it unlocks fine there’s no cracks whatsoever I couldn’t find any there was a little bit of water in the speaker and the microphone so I had to blow that out with some air and it’s fine4 I took my sim card out of it for a little while and just let it sit overnight it’s fine and thankfully it’s okay but I do have AppleCare so I did pay for Apple Care Plus so if I do need to get it replaced I can do that very inexpensively but it seems to hold up pretty well from such a far drop all the way down there into the water it was kind of unbelievable that it actually picked up speed as it was rolling down the hill and went into the water I thought it was gonna stop at some of these trees in here but it just didn’t let me know your thoughts in the comments below of course I’ll link this wallpaper in the description below as I always do if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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